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Episode 2.02 Designate This


(At Jam Pony)
Normal: About time you got back. Hot run, Cashmere and Swanson.

OC: Sector four? I ainít goiní all the way out there. Itís raining.

Normal: Is it raining in Seattle? Stop the presses.

(He hands her the package and she sees a new guy in the locker area.)

OC: What do you think youíre doiní?

NEW GUY: Boss told me to get a locker. This oneís free.

OC: No, it ainít. Here, try one of these. (Hands him the package.) Take that too.

(The new guy moves his stuff. Original Cindy closes the locker door and looks at it sadly; we see it is labeled ďMAX.Ē Eyes Only comes on the TV and everybody gathers around to watch.)

EYES ONLY: Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a streaming freedom video bulletin. The cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city.

(We see Logan doing the broadcast from his apartment.)

EYES ONLY: Since the early 1990s, billions of your tax dollars have been diverted from legitimate government programs to fund secret experiments in genetic engineering.


OC: Shut up, fool.

(As Eyes Only describes Manticore, we see flashbacks of the young X5ís in training, undergoing experiments, and in class.)

EYES ONLY: This covert operation is known as Project Manticore. Its goal: to create the perfect soldier, genetically enhanced for superior strength and speed. These children are subjected to relentless training and propaganda. In the winter of 2009, twelve of them escaped from a facility in Gillette, Wyoming. Some of them were captured; some of them were tortured; some gave their lives fighting to stay free. Since these cable hacks began, Manticore has consolidated its operations to a secret location. Eyes Only will find it, and the people responsible for these crimes will be brought to justice. This has been a streaming freedom video bulletin.

(Logan ends the broadcast and wheels over to his computer. After putting on his glasses and glancing over his shoulder, he opens a still from the surveillance video he used to guide Max and Zack through Manticore. The still is a shot of Max. He enlarges the picture and touches the screen.)

(At Manticore, Max is going through fighting exercises in the yard. A male X5 is kicking her and knocking her down while other X5s watch.)

MALE X5: Whatís the matter, 452? Still recuperating?

MAX: Bite me!

MALE X5: Mustíve given you a lousy heart.

(Max fights back with fury and kicks him to the ground.)
DRILL SERGEANT: 452! Director wants to see you.
(Max flips her hair over her shoulders and follows him. Next we see her inside, standing face-to-face with Renfro.)
RENFRO: State your designation.
(Max has a flashback. In the flashback, she is in a small space embedded in a wall. Flush with the wall is a two-way mirror; Renfro watches Max while Max can only see her own reflection. Max is wearing a Manticore gown like the ones she and her siblings wore as kids.)
MAX (in flashback): My nameís Max!
(A lab tech flips a switch. Maxís floor and ceiling draw closer together until she is forced to crouch.)
RENFRO: State your designation.
MAX: Kiss my transgenic ass!
(The lab tech hits the switch again and the floor and ceiling draw even closer. By now the space is so small Max is curled up in a ball.)
RENFRO (to lab tech): How long can an X5 last without food or water?
LAB TECH: Six days, maybe.
RENFRO: Call me in a week.
(Renfro leaves the room and a pair of doors closes to hide Max.)
(Back in the present day, Max responds.)
MAX: X5-452.
RENFRO: You donít fool me. I know youíre just playing along. Come on--I want to show you something.
(She leads Max over to a wall and pushes a button. Doors slide apart to reveal a window. Through the glass Max sees a man strapped spreadeagle to a gurney. He is hooked up to lots of machines, his chest bears a large scar, and some sort of helmet covers most of his face and head. Only his eyes are visible. He focuses on Max.)
RENFRO: Your brother Zack. Heís been so useful to us. His liver and kidneys went to an X5 wounded on a mission; his heart--of course, as you know--went to you...
(We flash back to the operating room at Manticore after Max was shot. Zack is standing over Maxís unconscious body. A gun is pointed at his head.)
ZACK (in flashback): X5-599, Iíve got a heart for you.
(We hear a gunshot and Zack collapses onto Max. End flashback.)
RENFRO: Wanted to give you a chance to say goodbye. Heís being moved to another facility. We have some very interesting plans for him. One thing that is for certain, though, is that you are the reason he is there.
(Renfro walks away. Max looks through the window sadly until the doors cover it up again. She turns and faces Renfro.)
RENFRO: Donít you see, 452? Youíre poison. You destroy everyone that you love. (Renfro holds up a photograph of each.) Zack...your brother Ben...your sister Tinga...and him--Eyes Only.
(Max looks surprised and worried at the last one.)
RENFRO: Now, I know that youíve had some kind of relationship with him, and I know that youíre hanging onto the idea that youíre gonna see him again, but thatís not gonna happen. He thinks youíre dead, which is why heís causing so much trouble for us. So weíre gonna find him...
MAX: Youíll never find him.
RENFRO: ...and weíre gonna kill him. Youíll have nothing left. And then, 452, you will be mine.
(That night, Max is lying on a bunk in a cell. A guard comes down the hall.)
GUARD: Lights out.
(Max doesnít move and the guard peers through a small barred window in her door.)
GUARD: Lights out, 452.
(The guard turns out Maxís light and walks away. Max folds her bunk to the wall and anchors it up. She removes a tool from the springs of the bunk and crouches on the floor. Max uses the tool to poke and saw at the cement between the large bricks in the wall. She pauses for a minute to steel herself.)
MAX: Max. My nameís Max.
INTRODUCTION: They designed her to be the perfect soldier--a human weapon. Then she escaped. In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past. She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny.
(We see several scenes of the Seattle streets, and eventually we see Logan in an office talking to a man at a desk. Several other desks are in the room, along with lots of people waiting around.)
MAN AT DESK: What can I tell you? Youíre not in the system.
LOGAN: I did my rehab at a V.A. in Gillette, Wyoming. I was in Serbia in í07. How do you think I ended up in this chair?
MAN (halfheartedly poking at his computer): Thereís nothing here.
LOGAN: Well, thatís impossible.
MAN: Impossible? What, you never heard of the Pulse? That little nuclear airburst that fried all the satellites and crashed all the computers?
LOGAN: Mm-hmm, and sent the economy into a tailspin, which is why all of us need our V.A. ration cards so we can eat.
MAN: What do you want me to do?
LOGAN: I want you to go back there and find the piece of paper that has my name on it.
MAN: Look. You want your ration card? Simple. (He rubs his fingers together. Logan smiles.) Iíll put you in the system. That easy.
(Logan nods to a woman standing across the room. She stands on top of a desk and fires a gunshot at the ceiling.)
WOMAN: All right, people. Weíre the S1W. Weíre here to set this thing straight. (The vets cheer.) Nobodyís gonna get hurt, nobody is gonna pay for what they already have coming, and nobody is gonna leave here without their ration cards.
(The vets continue to cheer. The womanís fellow S1W members enter with guns.)
(The people behind desks drop to the floor, including the man Logan was talking to. We see the exoskeleton over Loganís shoes as he stands up. He glances at the woman, then at the man on the floor, and walks away. One of the S1W tells the vets to gather round and gives them their ration cards)
(Later, Logan and the woman are in his apartment. Logan is sitting at the table, reading some papers.)
WOMAN (chuckling): You really thought you were gonna get into the file room pretending to be a vet?
LOGAN: I took a shot.
WOMAN: So did I.
(Logan glances at her and chuckles.)
LOGAN: Appreciate you guys coming along.
WOMAN: Naw. You got what you needed; we got to make our point. This townís gonna think twice before they shake people down again.
(Logan checks a sheet of paper.)
LOGAN: This is Manticoreís Wyoming facility. Itís gotta be. Requisitions donít add up otherwise.
WOMAN: Think theyíre running their budget through the V.A.ís books? Trying to cover their tracks?
LOGAN: If I can follow the money, maybe I can find out where the main facility is.
WOMAN (sitting at the table): Logan, how many jobs do you think weíve done for Eyes Only in the past couple of years?
LOGAN: I donít know. Why?
WOMAN: Iíve just never seen you get so caught up in an assignment before.
LOGAN: Itís not an assignment. Eyes Only is taking on Manticore as a favor to me.
WOMAN: Youíre messing with some powerful people. They play rough.
LOGAN: I donít care what happens to me.
WOMAN: Said in his hack some of those kids escaped back in í09. You knew one of them, didnít you?
LOGAN: Her name was Max.
WOMAN: They killed her, didnít they?
LOGAN: I watched her die. The thing is, I canít really believe sheís gone. I donít believe it. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like...sheís still out there.
(At Manticore, Max is standing for inspection while a drill sergeant shouts at another X5.)
DRILL SERGEANT: Those boots look like they got shined with a bag of mud! Donít you have any respect for yourself? For the unit that you represent? (To another soldier) Take him to isolation.
(Max flashes back to her childhood and remembers ducking her head out of line to watch her brother Jack being taken away as he seizes.)
DRILL SERGEANT (in flashback): Eyes front!
(Back in the present day, the drill sergeant is suddenly standing directly in front of Max.)
(We see Max in various stages of training and testing, along with scenes of her doing the same things in her childhood. We see her standing in line, crawling on the ground with a gun, and running on a treadmill, hooked up to monitors.)
(That night, Max lies on her bunk and remembers her dream of making love to Logan, as well as their anniversary.)
MAX (in flashback): Lucky we hooked up.
LOGAN (in flashback): Happy anniversary.
(Max remembers Logan brushing her hair out of her face as she was about to go with her siblings to take down Manticore.)
LOGAN (in flashback): Just come back.
(The guard glances at her through the window in the door. After he leaves, Max saws at the cement and manages to remove one large brick. She hears someone entering the hallway, quickly restores her cell back to its usual state, and lies down on the bunk. She sits up when her light flips on and a male X5 enters her cell. He looks exactly like Ben. Max flashes back to seeing Ben in the church.)
BEN (in flashback): Max...
(In present day)
MAX: Ben?
MALE X5 (puzzled): What?
MAX: You look like someone I used to know.
MALE X5: Well, my designationís 494.

MAX: His was 493. You must be twinned.
X5-494 (nodding): 493...Your fellow traitor. Went psycho.
MAX: What do you know about it?
X5-494: I know that because of him I had to spend six months in psy-ops. They wanted to make sure it wasnít genetic. Looks like ten years in the world finally got to him.
MAX: It was this place that got to him.
X5-494: Whatever. Well, letís get this over with, huh? (Removes his shirt.)
MAX: What are you doing?
X5-494: Weíve been paired off. Iím your breeding partner.
MAX: My what?
X5-494: Weíre supposed to copulate every night until you get pregnant.
MAX: Thatís sick!
X5-494: Itís your own fault. If you and your friends hadnít blown up the DNA database, theyíd still be whipping up embryos and putting them into surrogates. Take off your clothes.
MAX: Get out of my cell.
X5-494: Weíve got our orders.
(Max kicks him in the stomach.)
X5-494: What the hell was that?!
MAX: The only kind of physical contact you and I are gonna have.
X5-494: You know, this isnít isnít exactly a plum assignment for me either. You spent half your life out there in filth and degradation. I could catch something.
MAX: Whatever you need to tell yourself. Just as long as we understand each other.
X5-494: Fine. Donít ďfreak outĒ on me.
(Max looks surprised at his use of slang.)
X5-494 (putting his shirt back on): I took Common Verbal Usage when I got cleared for my solo missions.
MAX: Oh, you mean assassinations.
X5-494: It was my job. If youíre gonna ďbust my chopsĒ about it, go ahead.
(A guard peers through the window in the door.)
MAX (sarcastically): Heís reading love poetry. You know, to get me in the mood.
GUARD (to X5-494): You got something for me?
(X5-494 hands the guard something through the bars and the guard hands him some money. X5-494 hands him some cigars.)
X5-494: Do me a favor--give these to Vic. Tell him he can pay me later.
GUARD: No problem.
X5-494: Thanks.
(The guard walks away. X5-494 turns back to Max, putting the money in his very fat wallet.)
X5-494: Heís got a thing for those vitamins they make us pop every morning.
MAX: Iím not even gonna ask about the cigars.
X5-494: I got a few things working. Listen, Iíve got an hour to kill before I head back to the barracks. Why donít you wake me up at 0100?
(He lies on Maxís bunk and closes his eyes. Max sits on the floor and sulks.)
(A payphone on the street rings and Lydecker answers it.)
LYDECKER: Lydecker.
(We see the man whose eye Lydecker removed sitting in Madame Xís office. He is talking on the phone while Madame X listens in.)
McGINNIS: Deck. This is McGinnis. Youíre a hard man to track down.
LYDECKER: I try to avoid people who are looking to kill me.
McGINNIS: Have a proposition from the Committee.
LYDECKER: Go ahead.
McGINNIS: They want Eyes Only. I need you to set the meet.
LYDECKER: Look, we both know what that means.
McGINNIS: You do this, and theyíll bring you in from the cold.
LYDECKER: Since you put it that way...
(In the Manticore yard, the X5s are standing for review in male-female pairs while Renfro queries them. Two soldiers follow her.)
RENFRO: Report.
MALE X5: Successful copulation with X5-392, maíam.
RENFRO: Excellent. (She moves to the next pair.) Report.
FEMALE X5: Copulation was unsuccessful, maíam.
RENFRO: Explain.
FEMALE X5: X5-698 failed to achieve minimum mission requirements, maíam.
(The two guards take X5-698 away while Renfro moves on to X5-494 and Max.)
RENFRO: Report.
(Neither answers right away and Renfro begins to look suspicious.)
X5-494: Successful copulation between myself and X5-452, maíam. Twice.
RENFRO (surprised): Excellent, 452. What would your boyfriend say?
(Max does not respond.)
RENFRO: Tell me something. Did you receive any medical treatment when you were on the outside?
MAX: No, maíam.
RENFRO: Then how do you explain this?
(Now they are inside, looking at Maxís X7 clone. The clone is lying in bed under ice packs, hooked up to oxygen, and aging rapidly.)
RENFRO: Sheís a younger version of you, but sheís suffering from late-stage progeria. Except for her X7-specific code sequences, her DNA is identical to yours. So Iím gonna ask you again: Did you receive any medical care that we should know about?
MAX: No, maíam.
RENFRO: Then I guess weíre just gonna have to do spinals on you both so we can run a DNA analysis. Or maybe youíve just been lucky. For all we know, that could still happen to you.
(That night, Max removes two bricks from the wall. She pokes her head through the hole where the bricks were, peers down, and smiles. After putting the bricks on her bunk and covering them up with her blanket to serve as a decoy, she crawls through the hole feet-first, and slides down a pipe. She lands in the boiler area of the basement and looks around. A man with long hair and a doglike face rushes at her, growling and barking.)
MAX: Easy, easy. Easy. Relax, big fella.
MAN: You relax, little fella.
MAX: Wow, you can talk.
MAN: Wow.
MAX: I--I didnít mean anything by it. Iíve just--Iíve never seen anyone that looks like you before. So what happened? They put too much canine DNA in your cocktail?
MAN (sniffing the air): Cat. Cat in your cocktail.
MAX: Donít hold it against me. (The man growls.) I dig your teeth. Can I see Ďem? Come on, let me see. (She approaches and he snaps at her.) Itís okay. (Finally he lets her look.) Those are cool.
MAN: Youíre X5.
MAX: Yeah. You can call me Max.
(She extends her hand. When he doesnít take it, she takes his hand and shakes it. Then she walks around, looking at his living quarters in the basement.)
MAN (trying out the name): Max...Max...Max, Father named you?
MAX: Nope. No father. Just me.
MAN: Father named me...Joshua.
MAX: Father? You donít mean Lydecker?
(Joshua growls.)
JOSHUA: No. Father...Sandman.
MAX: Sandman named you.
JOSHUA: Mm-hmm.
MAX: Okay.
JOSHUA (hearing a noise): Guard. (He shushes Max and peers through a hole in the wall.) Guard.
MAX (in lowered voice): So they donít know youíre down here?
MAX: What about this Sandman father of yours?
JOSHUA: Left me here. Here I am.
MAX: He just left you here?
JOSHUA: Made me, then left me. True enough.
MAX: Thatís pretty whack.
JOSHA: He made us all. I was first--special. Then more like me...more like you...more people--(gestures at ceiling)--up there people. Father lost in all the people. Iím here, waiting.
MAX: Itís too bad you donít have a room with a view. You know, a window. Iím trying to find a way out of here.
JOSHUA: Ah. Wait. (Glances through the hole in the wall, then opens a panel underneath and smiles at her.)
(Max and Joshua walk down a dimly lit basement hallway. They pass several doors with barred windows. Through each we see a different person; Joshua stops to glance or growl at each. One is the nomlie the kids passed in one of Maxís flashbacks. One screeches like a monkey. One sticks an arm through the bars and waves it around.)
MAX: Looks like this father of yours kept himself real busy.
JOSHUA: Some like me...some not so good.
(One gives a raspy groan, and Joshua barks at him.)
JOSHUA: Hungry.
MAX: Maybe someone oughta feed Ďem.
JOSHUA: They do...sometimes. I do sometimes.
(They arrive in a room where some large storage crates are piled by the wall, with a couple large cans on top. Joshua removes the cans to reveal the top of a barred window.)
JOSHUA: Room with a view.
(He and Max move the top crate to the floor and Max crawls on top of the others. She tugs at the bars.)
MAX: This is gonna take a while. Okay with you if I slap an exit sign on this?
JOSHUA: Uh-uh. No exit. X7ís in the forest.
MAX: How many?
(Max looks a distance into the forest and sees an armed male X7 emerge.)
MAX: Yup. There he is. I think I can take him on.
JOSHUA: Uh-uh.
MAX: Come on, thereís only one.
JOSHUA: Lots of one.
(Max sees more X7ís emerge. They are clones.)
MAX: Ohhhh, I get it. Lots of one.
JOSHUA: Uh-huh. Pretty whack.
(The X7ís line up facing each other and stand still.)
MAX: What are they doing?
JOSHUA: Talking.
MAX: I donít hear anything.
MAX: Must be in the ultrasonic range.
JOSHUA: Bat. Bat in their cocktail.
(The X7ís finish talking and scatter. Max glances at the sky.)
MAX: Suníll be up soon. (She and Joshua replace the crate.) I gotta blaze. Be back tomorrow, though. Thanks for everything, Joshua.
(He shakes her hand and Max jogs away.)
JOSHUA: You blaze.
(In Loganís apartment, he is talking on his cell phone while snapping his pant leg over the exoskeleton.)
LOGAN: No, I wanna do it now. Yeah! Right now!...Okay. Iíll meet you there.
(He hangs up, tucks the cell phone into his pocket as he walks, and opens the door. The woman who was with him earlier walks through, carrying a large box.)
LOGAN: Oh. Hi. Uh, whatís up?
WOMAN: Oh, I need a favor. I gotta go to sector three. Can I stash this here?
LOGAN: Sure, what is it?
WOMAN: Itís something I donít want the police to see when I go through checkpoint.
(Logan gestures as if to say ďWhat is it?Ē again.)
WOMAN: Itís a box of guns.
LOGAN: Right. Okay. Well, look, I gotta meet someone so, uh, let yourself out?
WOMAN: Okay. I promise itíll be gone by tomorrow night.
(In the warehouse where they planned their break into Manticore, Lydecker stands waiting. Logan drives in and gets out of the Aztek.)
LOGAN: You said you had some information for me?
LOGAN: Iím trying to find Manticore.
McGINNISí VOICE: Looks like Manticore found you.
(McGinnis emerges from behind a pillar and stands next to Lydecker, wearing sunglasses over his eyepatch and pointing a gun at Logan. Two armed soldiers approach Logan from behind.)
LYDECKER: Sorry, son.
McGINNIS: So this is the great and powerful Oz. Hold on here--let me get a good look. (Removes his sunglasses.)
LYDECKER: I wouldnít do that, Jim.
(Lydecker elbows McGinnins in the mouth and grabs the hand with which McGinnis is holding the gun.)
LYDECKER (to Logan): Duck!
(Logan ducks, but not quickly enough, and a bullet hits his arm as Lydecker shoots the two soldiers behind Logan. Lydecker wrenches the gun from McGinnisí hand to the ground and knocks McGinnis down.)
LYDECKER (to Logan): You all right?
LOGAN: You shot me!
LYDECKER: I told you to duck. It just winged you.
McGINNIS: We had a deal!
LYDECKER: Renfro. Whatís she doing to the X5ís?
McGINNIS (standing up): I donít know!
(Lydecker grabs McGinnisí arm and wrenches it behind his back. He pulls out his own gun and holds it to the back of McGinnisí head.)
LYDECKER: She murdered one of my kids. That bitch murdered one of my kids!
(We flash back briefly to Tinga, dead in the tank.)
McGINNIS: All right. All right. All right.
(Lydecker shoves McGinnis back to the ground.)
LYDECKER: Now donít play stupid, or Iíll take your other eye.
McGINNIS (standing up): All right. The tank is some kind of extraction chamber. She was trying to find out something in the girlís DNA.
McGINNIS: I donít know. Look, whatever she wanted, she wanted it bad. But it wasnít there. (Touches his lip.) Damn, Deck, Iím gonna need some stiches. Could you please take me to the hospital now?
LYDECKER: Thereís a small problem with that, Jim. You got a good look at my friend here. (Gestures at Logan.)
McGINNIS: No. No, no, I didnít. I hardly laid an eye on the guy. My depth perceptionís all shot. Besides, all you white boys, you know, you all look alike to me. Come on, Deck. Weíre old friends.
LYDECKER (turning to face Logan): What do you think?
(McGinnis spots his gun lying on the ground behind Lydeckerís back and reaches for it. Lydecker shoots him dead without turning around. Logan approaches, gun in hand, and they both look down at McGinnisí body.)
LYDECKER: We never really liked each other, did we? (To Logan.) So you want to know about Manticore?
(In the basement, Max is filing at the bars on Joshuaís window. She stops and hops off the crates.)
MAX: Another night or two, and weíll be in business.
(They walk back through the dimly lit hallway.)
JOSHUA: Max...outside?
MAX: Max outside. Thatís the plan.
JOSHUA: Joshua...outside. Thatís the plan.
MAX: You want to go with me?
(He smiles.)
MAX: I donít know.
JOSHUA: I know. Max and Joshua outside.
MAX: The thing is--thereís nobody like you in the world. You know, people, they get scared real easy about things that are different. (Joshua looks disappointed.) Iím just saying that youíll be trading one basement for another. Thatís all.
(Joshua nods sadly and continues down the hall. Max climbs back through the hole in her cell and finds X5-494 sitting on her bunk.)
X5-494: Forget we had a date?
MAX: So when did the stormtroopers bust in?
X5-494 (chuckling): Donít worry. I didnít set off the alarm. Not yet.
MAX: What do you want?
X5-494: Iím not looking for trouble. What you do is your own business.
(He stands up and holds the bunk out of the way while Max replaces the brick and her tool.)
X5-494: Why do you want out of here so much? Youíve got a roof over your head, plenty to eat...which is more than you can say about most people out there.
MAX: You think Manticore takes care of you out of the goodness of its heart? Itís using you.
X5-494: Nobodyís using me.
MAX: Thatís what you donít get. Youíre working for the bad guys.
(They replace the bunk and X5-494 walks toward the door.)
X5-494: Iím gonna be out of here in five minutes to go back to my cell, and youíll get rid of me for the night. Okay, 452?
MAX: My nameís Max.
X5-494: Whatever you say.
MAX: You should have a name too.
X5-494: I told you, my designationís 494.
MAX: Doesnít suit you. Iím gonna call you Alec.
X5-494: Alec?
MAX: As in smart aleck.
X5-494: I can live with that.
MAX: Good. ĎCause my second choice was Dick.
(He goes to the door and calls through the window.)
ALEC: Guard. (The guard opens the door and Alec walks out, smiling at Max.) See you around...Max.
(In the warehouse, some men are cleaning up and inspecting the area. One of them zips up a body bag containing McGinnisí body while a man in a suit looks on, talking to Renfro on a cell phone.)
MAN: Looks like Lydecker double-crossed us.
RENFRO (in her office): He knows our location. If Eyes Only broadcasts it, the Committee will bury us.
ONE OF THE MEN: Sir! Over here.
(The man goes over and peers at something on the ground.)
RENFRO: What is it?
MAN: Uh...blood trail. Couldnít have been one of our people; none of them walked out of here.
RENFRO: Take a sample and run a full DNA assay. Get back here right away.
(Max is standing in a guarded control room while Renfro paces in front of her.)
RENFRO: You donít understand whatís at stake here, 452. If Eyes Only isnít stopped, there are gonna be news vans parked outside the perimeter. The Committee is not going to allow the existence of this program to be exposed. Itíll jeopardize its other operations.
MAX: Guess Iím supposed to be curious and ask what that means.
RENFRO: It means that I lock down the cells and I burn this place to the ground with you and everyone else inside.
(Max rolls her eyes)
RENFRO: Oh, you donít believe me? On paper, this place is a V.A. hospital. Anybody comes looking, all theyíre gonna find is the remains of a tragic fire that killed all its patients. Itís called plausible deniability.
MAX: Itís called bluffing.
RENFRO: Look, you need to understand something. You are nothing but meat to me. This--(holds up a disk)--this is what matters. I could start over anywhere. I just put all the data that we have accumulated into my briefcase, lock the door, light the match, and kiss your transgenic ass goodbye.
(She steps closer and to look Max in the eye.)
RENFRO: You make me find Eyes Only by myself...he is a dead man. Help me...thereís a deal to be made. Think about it.
(The door opens and the man who called from the warehouse enters, holding a file.)
MAN: We ran the blood sample we found at the warehouse.
RENFRO (looking at the file, then smiling at Max): Ah. Timeís up.
(Later, Max is about to be tortured. She is strapped down, someone gives her an injection, and a someone inserts a hard plastic tube in her mouth. She struggles but doesnít get anywhere.)
RENFRO: Youíre going to help me whether you want to or not.
(Renfro trains a laser into Maxís eye.)
(Later, Max suddenly sits up on her bunk, panting. Alec enters her cell.)
ALEC: You okay? (Max continues breathing hard.) Guess they finally got it out of you, huh?
MAX: I donít know what youíre talking about.
ALEC: I heard they were sending an X5 to take out some reporter friend of yours.
MAX: I didnít tell them anything.
ALEC: Are you sure?
MAX: I gotta get out of here now.
(She puts the bunk up and starts removing the brick.)
ALEC: Youíre in no shape to be tangling with those X7ís. If youíre lucky, youíll make it to the yard and theyíll take you alive.
MAX: Then help me.
ALEC: I told you, Iím not looking for trouble.
MAX: This is your chance to get me out of your life for good.
ALEC: I guess if you escape, Iíll get a new breeding partner.
MAX: Now weíre talking.
(Max and Alec are both filing at the bars on Joshuaís window while Joshua stands a short distance away.)
ALEC: Kinda makes you wonder what else is down here. I mean, seriously, did you get a look at that thing?
MAX: Heís not a thing. His name is Joshua.
JOSHUA: X7ís in the forest. Pretty...pretty whack.
ALEC: Yeah, yeah, Sasquatch. Hey, why donít you make yourself useful, and, uh...quit mumbling and come over here and help us out with these bars?
(He gestures at them to get off the crates. They do. Joshua goes to the window and pulls the bars right off. He hands them to Alec and growls. Alec gulps.)
MAX: Everybody knows what to do?
(Joshua runs through the forest, with Alec chasing him. Alec stops and calls to some X7ís.)
ALEC: Hey! Heís getting away! Come on!
(They all chase Joshua. Behind them, Max drops from a tree and starts running. Alec tackles Joshua. An X7 approaches and Alec kicks him.)
ALEC: Oh, sorry, kid.
(More X7ís approach and Alec kicks another one.)
ALEC: Maybe I should let you guys handle this, huh?
(Alec kicks another X7 while Joshua runs away. Other X7ís gather around and point their guns at Alec.)
ALEC: Whoa, whoa! Boys! No need for firepower, fellas. Just trying to help.
(Max runs toward the perimeter fence, knocking out an X7 on her way. Another X7 stands guarding it. Max leaps over.the fence, with the X7 shooting but missing. Max lands on the other side and looks back at the X7. He takes aim, but Joshua appears and hurls him into the trees. Joshua goes up to the fence.)
JOSHUA: You blaze!
(Max nods and runs away. Joshua watches her through the fence.)
(At his computer, Logan is playing back a prerecorded Eyes Only message.)
EYES ONLY: Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a streaming freedom video. Your location has been revealed.
(The computer beeps and a message appears on the monitor saying ďSatellite link failed.Ē Logan grunts and attempts to reconnect. While itís processing, he turns around and sees Max standing a few feet away. His eyes widen and he stands up.)
MAX: We gotta get you out of here. Theyíre coming to get you.
(He kisses her. She returns the kiss. After a minute they draw apart and hold each other.)
MAX: We gotta go. Theyíre coming to get you.
LOGAN: Who? Whatís going on? How did you--
MAX: Iíll explain later. Come on.
LOGAN: No, I have to finish my broadcast.
MAX: Forget it. Itís not important.
(Logan collapses.)
MAX: Whatís wrong?
LOGAN (gasping): I donít know. I--
MAX: Logan, whatís happening?
VOICE: You killed him, thatís whatís happening.
(Alec is standing nearby, pointing a gun at them.)
ALEC: Nice job, 452. Mission accomplished.
(They stare at him, Max cradling Logan and Logan holding onto her arm.)
ALEC: Yeah, Iíd stop touching him if I were you. Youíre just gonna make it worse.
MAX: What the hell are you talking about?
ALEC: A genetically targeted retrovirus. Youíre the carrier.
(Max quickly backs away from Logan.)
ALEC: Any intimate contact between you activates the agent. (Chuckles.) Now, you didnít kiss him or anything, did you?
MAX: You son of a bitch!
(She lunges at him and he raises the gun.)
ALEC: Whoa, whoa, hey. Just following orders. Okay, now Renfro said if you want him to live, you gotta bring him back to Manticore and turn yourself in.
MAX: Thereís a cure?
ALEC: Yeah. Sheíll give him the antigen if he tells her what he knows and who heís been working with.
MAX: Why should I believe her?
ALEC: What choice do you have?
(A man enters Renfroís office carrying a flat computer.)
MAN: Results of the DNA workup you ordered on 452.
RENFRO: Did you find anything to explain why thereís no progeria?
MAN: Maybe you better take a look.
(He hands her the computer. We see a diagram of Maxís body, with certain areas magnified in insets. We donít see any details. Renfro looks shocked.)
MAN: Iíve never seen anything like it. Just to be sure, Iíll run another series as soon as 494 gets her back here.
RENFRO: Does anyone else know about this?
MAN: No, maíam.
RENFRO: Letís keep it that way. (Pulls out a gun and shoots him.)
(Renfro dials her cell phone and begins speaking in French. We see subtitles in English.)
RENFRO: Cíest Renfro. Je pense que jíai trouvť ce quíon cherchait. Non, personne ne le sait ŗ Manticore. Ah te líemmene.
SUBTITLES: Itís Renfro. I think Iíve found what weíve been looking for. No, no one at Manticore knows. Yes...Iíll bring her to you.
(Still in Loganís apartment, Alec has just finished getting Logan into the wheelchair as Max looks on. Logan is sweating and has broken out into hives or some sort of a rash.)
ALEC: Well, looks like we got ourselves a convoy.
(The computer beeps and a message appears on the monitor, saying ďSatellite link established. Press enter to transmit.Ē Alec is distracted by the beep and Max takes the opportunity to attack him. They fight, at one point crashing through the screens. Max kicks Alecís gun across the floor towards Logan.)
MAX: Logan!
(Logan picks up the gun and aims it at Alec. Max stops fighting and Alec holds up his hands.)
ALEC: Fine. Fine, but when heís dead, can I go home?
MAX (approaching the computer): Itís not gonna be there.
ALEC: What are you doing?
MAX: Ending this thing once and for all.
(She hits the enter key and Loganís prerecorded Eyes Only message starts broadcasting.)
EYES ONLY: Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a streaming freedom video bulletin.
(At Manticore, a man has Eyes Only on his screen and Renfro stands behind him, watching.)
EYES ONLY: Your location has been revealed.
(A cell phone rings and the man answers.)
EYES ONLY: Your secret is out. And now Manticore will be held accountable for its crimes.
(The man hands the phone to Renfro.)
MAN: Itís them.
EYES ONLY: Manticoreís facility is located an hour southwest of...
RENFRO (into phone, over Eyes Onlyís voice): Renfro.
EYES ONLY: ...Seattle.
RENFRO: Understood. (Hangs up.) Lock down the barracks. Weíre cauterizing the site.
(In Loganís apartment, Alec is sitting on the floor, ankles tied and wrists tied behind his back. Logan is pointing the gun at him. He falters once, then raises the gun again. Then he passes out and drops the gun. Alec unties himself and points the gun at Logan.)
VOICE: Donít move. Put it on the floor.
(The woman who was at Loganís earlier is pointing her own gun at Alec. Alec slowly lays his gun on the floor. He smiles at the woman and quickly grabs her gun. He points it at her and chuckles.)
ALEC: Fine, have it your way. I was just gonna put him out of his misery. (Looks at the gun.) Nice piece.
(He leaves the room and the woman approaches Logan.)
(Max arrives at the top of a hill outside Manticore. As she watches, parts of the buildings explode into flame. She enters a building and runs down the hallways. People are inside, yelling and banging on the walls, as fire alarms sound. Max tries to open the doors, but they are locked. She breaks into a control room, types something on a computer, and flips a switch. The hall doors open. Soldiers of different ages spill into the hallway and run through smoke and flame.)
(In the main control room, a man is sitting at some monitors with Renfro behind him. We see Max on the monitor.)
MAN: Weíve got a security breach. Someoneís unlocking the cell doors.
RENFRO: Well, override the system. Lock down those doors.
MAN: Canít. Control conduits must be burned out.
(The manís screen shows blips moving on a satellite picture of the grounds.)
MAN: Theyíre in the yard, heading for the fence.
RENFRO: Well, stop them. No one gets past the perimeters. (To two men leaving the room) Bring me 452--alive.
(In the basement, Joshua is leading people out of their cells and down the hallway.)
JOSHUA: Move. Move. Go! Free! Free! Move!
Alec reaches the top of the hill outside Manticore and sees it burning. Max hears two soldiers approaching and ducks out of the control room. Joshua climbs the hill, looks back, and then keeps running.)
(In her office, Renfro is putting things into her briefcase, including the disk she showed Max. A soldier enters.)
SOLDIER: Maíam, we need to evacute.
RENFRO: Whereís 452?
SOLDIER: Now, maíam.
RENFRO: Iím not leaving without her.
(Max kicks the soldier unconscious and grabs Renfro by the neck.)
MAX: What a coincidence, Ďcause Iím not leaving without you.
(They enter a lab with lots of vials and beakers on the shelves.)
MAX: Whereís the antigen?
RENFRO: I donít know. Weíve got to get out of here now, 452.
(Max slams Renfro face-first against a wall.)
MAX: My nameís Max! Now where is it?
RENFRO: Okay. Okay.
(Max lets Renfro walk. Renfro takes a vial off a shelf and Max grabs it. A soldier enters and shoots at Max.)
(Renfro dives in front of Max and takes the bullet. Max shoves a table into the soldierís gut. The soldier realizes who heís shot and his eyes widen.)
MAX: I wonít tell if you donít.
(The soldier runs away. Max kneels on the floor by Renfro, who is bleeding from a bullet wound in her side and gasping.)
MAX: This virus thing you put in me--how do I get rid of it?
RENFRO: You canít.
MAX: You just ate a bullet for me. Why?
RENFRO (touching Maxís face): are the one weíve been looking for. Sandeman...
(Max remembers meeting Joshua)
JOSHUA (in flashback): Father...Sandman.
(End flashback)
RENFRO: Find...Sandeman.
(Renfro passes out and Max leaves.)
(Max runs up the hill. She stops for a moment to watch Manticore burn and smiles. Then she turns and keeps running.)
(In Loganís apartment, Logan is lying unconscious on the couch. The woman who was with him earlier gives him an injection while Max watches from a few yards away. Time passes and they both pace. Finally we see Logan awake and sitting up. The woman checks his eyes, then approaches Max at the window.)
WOMAN: Heís going to be all right. Welcome back.
(She leaves and Logan puts on his glasses.)
LOGAN: You donít have to stand all the way over there. Come closer.
MAX: Better not risk it. We donít know how easy it is for me to reinfect you, and...that was the last of the antigen.
LOGAN: Weíre gonna find a way to beat this.
MAX: Yeah. But you should concentrate on getting better. (Pause.) I gotta go.
LOGAN: You know, things are different now. Back when you first got out, it was just the twelve of you. Now thereís a lot more.
MAX: If theyíre smart, theyíll lay low.
LOGAN: You donít want it getting around that you and yours are out in the world. People tend to get scared of things that are different. Keep your head down.
MAX: I always do.
(She leaves. Logan watches her go.)
(We see Max on top of the Space Needle as her voiceover starts.)
MAX: Funny how from up here, it looks like nothingís changed. Only everythingís changed. Not just me and Logan...everything. The whole time I was at Manticore, all I wanted was my strange little life back. Never figured it could get any stranger.
(Now we see a street with the Space Needle in the distance. One of the people from Joshuaís hallway glances around, covers his head with the hood of his jacket, and walks down the street. Maxís voiceover continues.)
MAX: But I guess itís gonna. And I guess Iím just gonna have to deal with it.